Tuition Policies:

Regular School Year Tuition:  The regular school year has two Semesters, Fall and Winter/Spring (the Summer Term has separate programs and pricing). Tuition for regular school year classes is calculated per school year, and Tuition is owed and payment due in full at the beginning of each Semester.

However, for convenience and budgeting purposes we also allow tuition payments to be spread out and made in nine equal installments over the school year for levels Youth Ballet 1 and higher.  If paying in installments, the first payment is due at the beginning of the Fall Semester, and subsequent installment payments are payable every four weeks following the initial payment at the beginning of the Semester.  The installment payments are scheduled  simply for consistency, budgeting, and convenience; there is no "monthly" or "weekly" rate, and any given payment does not directly correspond to or cover any specific classes or time period within the school year. 


Tuition is non-refundable, and a student wishing to withdraw from the school must provide 30 days advance written notice; the parent or guardian is responsible and owes all tuition payments past due and due 30 days from the date the school receives written notice of withdrawal, whether or not the student is still training.

Alternative payment schedules may be arranged on an individual basis only with the prior approval of the directors.

An annual registration/processing fee of $40.00 per family is due each year in addition to tuition. 

Late Fees/Missed Classes:   A $20 late fee will be charged if tuition is not paid within 10 days of the due date (Semester or Installment). The return check charge is $30.00.  Tuition left unpaid for more than 30 days may result in your child being asked to sit out of class.  NO REFUNDS OR DEDUCTIONS are made for missed classes. Please make plans to take another appropriate class to make up for missed classes due to illness or holidays.

New Students:  Students new to the school are free to join any of our programs during the term—their tuition will be pro-rated accordingly based on the full Term amount.

New Students with prior dance training seeking to enter Youth Ballet or higher are required to have a personal evaluation by the school Directors before beginning classes, in order to assess their training and abilities. This evaluation is necessary to ensure placement in the most appropriate level. There is a one-time non-refundable fee of $15 for the assessment; this fee will be applied towards the annual registration fee upon the student formally enrolling in the school.


Family Discount:

Ballet Royale welcomes and encourages family members to experience the joys and rewards of dancing, and offers significant discounts to families with two or more students in the same immediate family (siblings, parents) enrolled during the same term.(Note, Adult Hourly Class Cards, Private Lessons, Solos/Variations, Special Sessions, Intensives and Workshops are not eligible for and do not count toward or as part of a family discount.) The special discount is based on the total combined number of class hours per family per week, and can range from under 5% to over 30%—the more hours taken and more family members involved, the greater the discount! 

Family discounts are calculated on a case by case basis; please contact us to determine your combined family tuition discount.

Please contact us with any questions on this policy or on the specific amount of tuition owed based on your individual circumstances.

Open Enrollment:        


            Personal Training Plan: This is a customized class schedule designed in advance to meet the goals of students desiring a less intensive training program.  Tuition is based on the number of hours taken each week, calculated and due in advance per Term.  Please contact Ballet Royale prior to enrolling in the Open Enrollment Personal Training Plan program for guidance in determining the appropriate class level, pricing and scheduling.

           Adult Hourly Class Card: Adults (19 or older) may purchase a Ten-Hour Class Card instead of, or in addition to, enrolling in a specific class per Term.  Class Cards are valid for any regularly scheduled Adult/Teen Ballet or Modern Dance, Group Pilates, or Yoga Classes.  Note, to ensure maximum flexibility between class lengths and days, Class Cards are based on hours taken, not the number of classes.  Cards are $160 for ten class hours, and expire on the last day of regular Spring Term classes each year.

           Professional Dance Instructors are invited to take single classes without formal enrollment in the school. These classes are $16 per class.