Pilates and Yoga

Cross-training for a balanced body.  In addition to traditional dance forms, Ballet Royale believes it is important to also offer movement based conditioning, strengthening, and cross-training opportunities. These classes are open to the general public as well as Ballet Royale students and families!

Pilates Core Conditioning

Individual customized training and conditioning with a certified Pilates Instructor.  Cross-train, strengthen your core, increase  flexibility, and rebuild/recover following injuries, using cutting edge Pilates Reformer/Cadillac equipment.

Pilates Group Classes. 

Ballet Royale students also recieve supervised group Pilates classes as part of their regular training regimen.


Adult Pilates open to the public are each Thursday morning from 9:30 to 10:30am.

Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class.  This class is a type of Yoga, where one connects and moves through the Yoga postures using fluid transitions and breath.

Class Time Schedule TBA