Performance Track &  Professional Trainee Division Programs


Ballet Royale's Performance Track and Professional Trainee Division Programs provide the most comprehensive advanced professional Ballet training available, and  is for students who are talented, ambitious and wish for a rigorous or pre-professional course of study in classical ballet and related dance forms.


Three years of Advanced Youth Ballet or its equivalent is generally required. 


Students must be pre-approved and invited each year to participate in this program; students new to Ballet Royale seeking to enter this program must take a placement/audition class in order to be considered for the program.  All placement decisions within this program will be made by the school directors and faculty based on the student's individual abilities, not their age.


In a addition to professional Ballet training, Performance Track and Professional Trainee students will also have classes in classical-based Performance Jazz, Modern (Contemporary) dance, Pointe, Repertoire, Pas de Deux ("partnering"), Variations, Progressing Ballet Technuque, independent workshops, guest teachers and personal coaching.


Performance Track and Professional Trainee students are all on partial scholarship and receive a discounted tuition rate.  Tuition is calculated per School Year (September–May), and may be paid in Nine Equal Installments due every four weeks over the School Year.  FOR SPECIFIC PRICES PLEASE SEE GENERAL REGISTRATION FORM


 Please click on "Dress Code" in list to the right for specific attire requirements.



 2017-18 Schedule.  First Class of Fall Semester is September 9, 2017

Performance Track:


Minimum Time Investment: 14.00hrs/week, Six days/week: four Classical Ballet classes including Pointe; Variations, Repertoire, Modern/Contemporary Dance, Progressing Ballet Technique,  Advanced Jazz Dance, Pilates and Pas de Deux (partnering) classes


All Performance Track classes run the full school year, and perform in the end of school year showcase, “A Celebration of Dance.”


Ballet Technique and Pointe Classes

Monday           5:30–7:30pm (Point Technique Class)

Tuesday          7:30–9:00pm

Wednesday      3:30–5:45pm (Includes Solos & Variations)

Friday              4:30–6:30pm

Saturday          9:30am–12:30pm (Includes Repertoire)


Monday           4:30–5:30pm

Progressing Ballet Technique

Thursday         3:30–4:15pm

Pas de Deux

Friday              6:30–7:30pm


Saturday          1:00–2:00pm


Optional Ballet & Pointe Classes:


“Performance Track Plus” Ballet & Pointe Class

Performance Track Students who are highly motivated and wish for more rigorous/accelerated training may attend the optional additional “Performance Track Plus” Ballet & Pointe Class.

Thursday     4:15–6:00pm (Includes Pointe Work)


Additional Elective Classes:  Performance Track students wishing for additional classes beyond the optional Performance Track Plus class, may also attend any Youth Ballet IV, Advanced Youth, or Preparation for Performance track ballet class at no additional cost, with prior arrangement with and approval of the Directors.




Unique in Minnesota, Ballet Royale's elite daytime training program provides a comprehensive advanced course of study for talented, ambitious and committed students from all over the country who wish to maximize their personal growth and/or pursue dance professionally.

All students in this program are on partial scholarship, and



This weekday afternoon program provides training in Ballet Technique, Pointe, Men’s Class, Progressing Ballet Technique, Performance (Musical Theater) Jazz, Modern (Contemporary) dance, Repertoire, Pas de Deux, independent workshops, guest teachers, personal coaching, Pilates/Injury Prevention, Advanced Variations and multiple performance opportunities. 


In addition to receiving the finest professional dance training available, most Professional Trainee Division students also serve as Apprentices with Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota, the resident dance company of Burnsville's Ames Center, and train alongside TCB's professional company members.

AUDITION INFORMATION:  To accommodate the various schedules of potential Professional Trainee Division participants, students interested in auditioning for the program should contact Ballet Royale directly and arrange to take an audition class.

For more information and to schedule an audition class:
Call 952-898-3163 or E-mail


Minimum Time Investment: 17.75 hrs/week, five days a week. Five Classical Ballet classes (all including Pointe); Pointe variations, Repertoire, Progressing Ballet Technique ("PBT"), Modern/Contemporary Dance, Advanced Jazz Dance, and Pas de Deux (partnering) classes


Professional Trainee Division classes run the full school year, and perform in the end of school year showcase, “A Celebration of Dance.”


Weekday Classes:

Monday (Modern, Ballet, Pointe classes)                                               1:00–4:30pm

Tuesday (Ballet, PBT, Variations, Men’s class, TCB Rehearsal)     1:00–5:00pm

Wednesday (Ballet, Pointe, Pas de Deux, TCB Rehearsal )              1:00–5:00pm

Thursday (PBT, Ballet, Pointe)                                                                    1:00–4:00pm

Friday (Ballet, Pointe, Jazz)                                                                          1:15–4:30pm


Professional Trainee Division students wishing for additional classes may also attend any Perfomance Track, Advanced Youth, or Preparation for Performance Track ballet class at no additional cost, with prior arrangement with and approval of the Directors.