Ballet Royale Minnesota's beautiful state-of-the-art building is the only ballet academy built with all new construction in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Our Studios: Designed by Dancers for Dancers.

Ballet Royale Minnesota understands the importance of providing the highest quality environment for dance training. Our spacious studios are filled with ample natural light, and are designed from the ground up to provide the best possible structure, equipment, and atmosphere for dance training. Featuring custom designed sprung flooring, Barre brackets, and advanced audio and accoustics, our state-of-the-art facilities are second to none in the state.

Our Floors:  The floor sub-structure is one of the most crucial elements of a proper dance studio.  Jumping on a hard surface without proper shock absorbtion harms knees, backs, hips, ankles, tendons and ligaments. When correctly designed and installed, however, the sub-floor dramatically reduces the risk of injury and enhances performance. 


A proper dance floor provides just the right degree of compression/shock absorption to protect dancers landing from jumps, resiliency or “spring” to return to its level state without being too bouncy, and prevents one dancer's landing from disturbing other performers nearby.  Many studios claim to have "sprung" floors, but it is very rare to find correctly designed flooring that actually meet the specific demands of dance.  All of Ballet Royale’s dance studios incorporate the latest technology in "floating" sub-floors using the Neoshok Flooring System, which offers high resiliency, uniformity and the best shock absorption on the market today.  Our floors are simply unsurpassed for dance, providing the best protection and support for our students and teachers possible.


Equally important is the dance surface itself, often called "Marley" floors. We use Harlequin Studio floorcovering, specifically designed for dance; its formulation focuses on the demands of dancers, and is uniquely suited for ballet and pointe work. The result is a slip-resistant floor that reassures performers and a predicable surface to give confidence to dancers for demanding choreography and movement.