Our Mission & Beliefs: Building Success for Life


Ballet Royale's Mission:

To introduce and make the art form of classical ballet and its broad-based core curriculum accessible to all, and provide high-quality comprehensive training, education and performance opportunities in a fun, healthy, nurturing and non-competitive environment.

Ballet Royale's Beliefs & Vision:

Our Classes:  We feel that students should compete within themselves to achieve a perfect balance of creativity, style, strength and grace—not with each other.  Our class sizes are limited, particularly for the younger levels—by maintaining smaller classes and teacher/student ratios, we are able to focus on each student's individual needs, progress and goals, to ensure Ballet Royale students receive the maximum benefits.

Our Training:   Drawing on decades of professional ballet & dance experience and by offering a variety of different levels and intensity of training, Ballet Royale is uniquely able to identify, encourage and maximize each student's own personal technical and artistic growth. Through our teaching,coaching and counseling, Ballet Royale students learn key transferable skills that support them in all of life's goals and activities, as they build self-esteem, self-discipline, character, creativity, and confidence.

Our Beliefs:  Ballet Royale believes that dance is primarily a performance art form, not a competitive sport—a gift to be shared with and appreciated by audiences. We therefore focus on providing students with multiple different performance and outreach opportunities throughout the year, in large and small venues, in collaboration with other arts groups, professionals, and community members and organizations, in theatrical settings and with age appropriate costumes and choreography.
Such performances—between six and ten per year—include Twin Cities Ballet's annual full-length Nutcracker ballet and new original works such as 2011's World Premiere of the acclaimed "Wizard of Oz -- The Ballet,"  collaborating with professional dance companies such as James Sewell Ballet, multiple Studio Performances and Showcases, major Theatrical Productions each spring, artistic collaborations with visual artists and the Lakeville Area Arts Center, and outreach programs in public schools and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Our Community Support:   In furtherance of Ballet Royale's core mission, it sponsors, supports, works closely in collaboration with and provides the administrative home and studio space to the semi-professional non-profit dance company, Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota, "Home of The Nutcracker ballet, South of the River."