LiveTheDreamColorPoster-reduced-Web.jpgFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Why Choose Ballet Training?

A:   Ballet is the fundamental architecture of Western dance, (analogous to classical music), and by focusing on and training within ballet's core framework, students can achieve a broad-based and high level of skills that permit them to dance a myriad of different styles, techniques, and forms.  A well-trained ballet dancer can easily perform many other choreographic forms—dancers lacking this basis are more restricted in the scope what they can do. 


All ages benefit from ballet training, adults and children alike. Classical Ballet requires using the whole body and all muscle groups, actively engaged in a cohesive and anatomically logical way. Ballet helps improve balance, flexibility, musicality, focus, posture, body awareness, and helps to foster a positive self image. 



Q: How does Ballet Training Help in other goals and activities?


A:  Through our teaching, coaching and counseling, Ballet Royale students learn key transferable skills that support them in all of life's goals and activities, both physical and mental, as they build self-esteem, self-discipline, poise, grace, character, creativity, and confidence.


Such benefits transfer to all life activities, both physical and mental. Research establishes an objective and quantifiable positive reletionship between arts eduation and academic succes, not only in overall academic achiemement, but particularly in mathematics, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, engagement and persistence, and community and civic engagement.


Q: What are the main differences between a Ballet Academy such as Ballet Royale and a "Competition" School?

A:   There are fundamental differences in the mission and goals of a Competition School and a Ballet Academy.  Ballet Royale believes that dance is primarily a performance art form, rather than a competitive sport—a gift to be shared with and appreciated by audiences. Our mission is to provide the highest quality training and give students multiple different performance opportunities throughout the year, in large and small venues, in collaboration with other arts groups, in theatrical settings (with age appropriate costumes and choreography).  We dance for the joy of performing, the audience feedback, the satisfaction of doing well and reaching personal artistic, emotional, physical and technical heights.


Current organized dance competitions are similar to scored sports such as gymnastics or skating, rather than a performance art. Competition schools primarily focus on competitions, and their mission is to train students to perform certain specific skills for points, evaluated and scored by a panel of judges.



Q: Why Choose Ballet Royale Minnesota as a ballet school?


A:  Simply put, unparalled excellence.  Directed by former professional ballet dancers Denise Vogt and Rick Vogt, Ballet Royale is widely recognized by professional directors and teachers in the dance community as a premier ballet academy in Minnesota.  Ballet Royale is uniquely able to identify, encourage and maximize each student's own personal technical and artistic growth, in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment. 


Ballet Royale Minnesota provides a comprehensive ballet-based curriculum of study that draws upon the best elements of classic French, English, Italian, and Russian ballet schools, combined with current anatomical/physical knowledge, advances and principles.  By providing students with an in-depth knowledge of classical technique as well as complementary styles and techniques of dance students gain the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance.  Drawing on decades of professional experience and by offering a variety of different levels and intensity of training, it provides the finest training available for today's dancers.


Ballet Royale also believes that a healthy, holistic and balanced education augmenting ballet training is critical to success both in dance and in life.  Therefore in addition to superior technical training, Ballet Royale provides complimentary Health, Wellness & Injury Prevention seminars; Summer Intensives selection and Audition guidance; counseling and education in life-dance balance, nutrition, and cross-training; and guidance and assistance in selecting and achieving post-high school Professional or University program positions.